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The Real Estate Contract Kick Out Clause Arsenal

So you finally got a buyer on your house that's been listed for 60 days but there's one catch. The purchase is contingent on them selling their own home. While no one likes to sign contracts

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Its Time To Graduate From Renter To Homeowner In 2018

So it's easy to think that being a renter comes with a lot less baggage then being a homeowner. You don't have to cut grass, or worry about DIY projects. However, when you think about how fast rent

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Bidding Wars Abound How Long Will They Continue

Bidding Wars Abound… How Long Will They Continue?Just like with any product or service, the law of supply and demand impacts home prices. Any time that there is less supply than the market,

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Why You Need A Professional On Your Team When Buying A Home

Many people wonder whether they should hire a real estate professional to assist them in buying their dream homes or if they should first try to go through the buying process on their own. In’

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